Warranty Information

Our goal is to offer the best customer service possible. In the event that you have a problem with a product you’ve purchased from us within the manufacturer warranty period, we’ll do our best to fix the issue.

Contact us if you have further inquiries:


Warranty guidelines and contact information for each manufacturer:

General Guidelines:

  • All warranties begin from the original purchase date, not the date of arrival.
  • All warranties must be within the required timetable listed below.
  • All warranties are subject to Manufacturer discretion and their decisions are final.
  • Please email docksfsweb@gmail.com for all Goal Warranties.

bauer logo

Within Canada: Warranty.Canada@bauer.com or 1-888-509-6875 
Within USA: Warranty.US@bauer.com or 1-888-509-6875 
Outside North America: Warranty.Europe@bauer.com

Wood sticks & blades N/A
Jocks & accessories 30 days
Composite sticks, shafts & blades 30 days
Skate Boots 90 days
Apparel 90 days
Bags 90 days
Protective 90 days
Facial 90 days
Roller hockey skates 90 days
Tuuk blade runners 90 days
Tuuk blade holders 1 year
Helmets 1 year
Roller hockey chassis 1 year
Visors 180 days

warrior logo

Canada & USA: www.warrior.com or 1-866-966-6092

Composite sticks, shafts & blades 30 days
Bags 30 days
Protective 30 days
Jocks & accessories 90 days

CCM logo

Within Canada & USA: ccmhockey.com/en/warranty or 1-800-644-1677 
General Inquiries: consumerservices@ccmhockey.com Warranty: warrantyccm@ccmhockey.com

Wood sticks N/A
Replacement Blades N/A
Composite sticks & shafts 30 days
Skate Boots 30 days
Bags 30 days
Protective 30 days
Inline Chasis 1 year
Skate Blades 1 year

Composite Sticks & Shafts:

A note from The Hockey Shop Source for Sports Regarding Composite Stick and Shaft Warranties

Our store is authorized to inspect and approve broken sticks and shafts in store within this 30 day period.

The most efficient way to process the warranty replacement of composite sticks or shafts that have been purchased online is to deal directly with the manufacturer. It takes about two weeks to receive a replacement stick and costs approximately $15 in shipping charges. We’ll be happy to assist you in this process however we can.

Sticks and shafts are only covered under warranty for a one-time replacement so we’re unable to warranty sticks or shafts that have previously been replaced under warranty. Manufacturers use a serial number tracking system on all sticks and shafts to prevent stores from being able to replace sticks that are already warranty replacements.

It's no secret that hockey is a physical sport and because of this sticks can be damaged from other sticks and skates. Unfortunately, sticks that have cosmetic wear and tear or nicks in them are not deemed to be broken and aren’t eligible for warranty replacement.

Please contact us if you have any questions or warranty concerns and we’ll do our absolute best to help!

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